Sister Soljah
June 11, 2004
This n' that...

Went to a desi mall (yes, they actually have whole malls...too cool) and looked around and ate halaal chinese food there...that was such good food. I've missed Chinese much of it has pork in it that i don't feel comfortable eating it anymore, but halaal...woo hoo...pile it on. there was a dance studio right across the way too and i could see in. So cool... Indians doing Bollywood type dances. Fun to watch them practice.

Came home and then went for a walk in the park. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda were there presenting the weekly movie in the park. It's cool, for five weeks or so they have screen on the green where they play an older movie on a big screen in this giant park (and i do mean giant) real close to where i live. The next three movies are The Sound of Music (love that one), Psycho (love that one too), and Wizard of Oz (of course i love that one too). They did Barefoot in the Park last night and the week before was Young Frankenstein. All movies that I've seen but i love. As a film major it seems I've seen everything old. It's a lot of fun though going to the park to watch a movie. I look forward to next weeks movie. :-)

I like walking at dusk too because all the fireflies are out glowing all over the place. I've never seen them before moving here and I like watching them. It's my favorite thing here, well my second favorite thing.

Talked to M's mom on the phone last night and she wants me to stay on in Toronto after M leaves for a few extra days. That's so sweet, and cool. (a little nervous feeling here too...)

Leaving for NYC tomorrow...will blog on return. Insh'Allah :-)
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