Sister Soljah
June 24, 2004
Me'Raj: The Night Ascension...excellent book

Thanks Masooma! I read Me'Raj: The Night Ascension last night and it scared me. The visions of those in hell and paying off sins was enough to keep me up for a while after. Very good book though. This is the passage I absolutely loved, I mean how cool would this be! To have all the prophets pray together. Wow.

We reached Bait al-Muqaddas and I proceeded to tie the reins of Buraq to the same ring that the great Prophets (before me) used to tie their animal to. After this I entered the Masjid and it was here that I met Ibrahim, Musa, `Isa and the rest of the Prophets yes. They all gathered around me and we proceeded to get ready for Salat. I had no doubt that the Salat would be lead by Jibra'il, however when the lines for the Salat were being formed, Jibra'il placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me forward.
Now I'm going to read Ghadir by Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
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