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June 22, 2004
Interesting news about my new home.

In April, they found a hand grenade with the pin pulled out and in May, there was a rocket launcher found by the railroad tracks. I wonder what's going to be found in June? Why do I feel like I just stepped into a terrorist mark?

Here's an amusing local paper, the Creative Loafing (i personally love the name). Andisheh Nouraee's articles are great.

Driving in Atlanta drives me crazy. For instance. My first lesson was to "always stay in the left lane because right lines tend to end." This doesn't make any sense but it's true. They just end. But on the contrary, the left lanes often become turning lanes. Yes, they don't really have many turning lanes here. It's best to stay in the middle, but then you have to play Russian Roulette to get over when you need another lane.

Double yellow lines mean nothing to people here. They are to cross any time you want. And similarly, if you want to just cut off traffic by being vertical in the street when you should be horizontal, that's okay too. Anything to cause an accident is okay. Speeding is required and if you don't join in you will get honked at and then cut off. All these do include cops. Cops don't use blinkers, will cut you off, and speed everywhere just like the rest of them. But they have the bonus of not having to worry about being at fault and red lights are just a reason to turn on the flashing lights.

The biggest driving pet peeve is the lack of blinkers. No one uses them. I find myself driving on the highway right around 90-100mph to keep up with people and look to see if i can move in the next lane. No blinkers are going so i assume it's safe, but as soon as i maneuver over, someone jerks over from the next lane over to the one i was just moving into with my blinker happily blinking. Cars are all around with sideswipe scars - Why? Because they refuse to use their blinkers.

Now people in Colorado know I have a notorious record for the following:

1. Driving fast.
2. Being an aggressive driver.
3. Occassionally being too brave and bordering reckless (I enjoy driving mountian curvy roads at medium to high's the thrill i guess).

I have nothing on these people. I have an odd feeling that I will die in a car here. It's no joke. If you don't believe me, just read this website: Basic Driving Rules of Driving Metro Atlanta (all must read this - it is so funny and so right on!). Many a blogs will also verify what i say too, just do a search on this website for atlanta driving.

My neighborhood is cool, also very very gay, (not in the happy sense, but more the boy + boy sense) but it's very clean and friendly. I'm getting used to the daily torrential rainstorms too. Here's a website about my new hood. I live very close to the first picture. It's a great park. Except on that website, where they say the temperature feels like XX - what they really meant was it feels like 120.
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