Sister Soljah
June 21, 2004
I'm all desi'd out.

Went to various shalwar khameez stores on Saturday and they wore me out. It was fun to try them on. But after a while, it's just hot and exhausting and with a bunch of different women telling you what to get, what you need, etc. And here's the real bad part. All the ones I liked were right around $200 to $300. Eek. Say what? Anyhow, ended not buying any at the time. I know what style I like though...but can I say, "them are some funny looking pants." :-)

Went to see what was playing at the Bollywood cinemas. There's two that I've found so far. This is one and this is another. Then went to the Desi mall to check out one more shalwar khameez shop but ended up eating samosas instead. Yum. Checked out the ABCD movies in the Bollywood store. Then we went and bought a Punjabi CD titled Desi Fever from one of the Desi cd stores. It's a fun cd with cheesy lyrics. Then went to the International Farmers Market and this is by far the best halaal meat store I've been to. It's as big as a grocery store and has everything you can imagine. I was so excited that I just kept saying "look at what they have" and "this is sooo cool". Then watched ""American Desi."

It was later at night that all this would affect me in my sleep. I tossed and turned and couldn't get the various Indian women's voices out of my head telling me what I needed, etc. This in-between-being-awake and near-dreaming-state was very close to becoming a nightmare. No one should hear that many motherly/salesgirl/etc Indian women while trying to fall asleep.

Sunday was all about errands and a little shopping. Had a heart to heart talk with Dad...which was great. The older he gets, the more sensitive and nostalgic he gets. I love it as it usually brings old memories up and I love hearing my dad's stories.
Enjoyed a lot!
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