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June 07, 2004
I lived.

Man o man, that was some nasty stuff and still is. Ears are still clogged but I'm doing better. Whew.

Had some fun this weekend despite the nastiness. And I got to catch up on a few movies while i was down. I watched Cheaper by the Dozen, and if you can believe this - I finally watched National Lampoon's Vacation. I must be the only 80's child who hasn't seen it. I've also been reading this book. I will blog it when I'm done. It's very good and insightful and really hit the mark on what I've been going through regarding converting and all that.

Saturday was good. Got up determined to see the outdoors. Went and test drove a Mini Cooper - aw, i really really want one now. What a fun fast little car. Then went Geocaching and found 3 out of 4. Yay - that makes 123.

Mourned Reagan's passing away a little bit. Not that I thought he was a great president but as a kid I did. I thought he was the best. It was the first time I understood politics. I remember the day. I was in the 6th grade and I was standing outside by the tetherball court right around election time and was asked "What are you - Republican or Democrat?" I said "Democrat." My parents instilled in me that if you are poor to middle class, you are a Democrat and that was that. Simple, though knowing, my parents, like other middle class family's we knew, weren't going to vote and never would. But even being "Democrats" I liked Reagan. I thought he was going to protect us from those Russians. Does anyone else remember the Russian exercises as a kid where you'd have to go hide in the bomb shelter or under your desk at school? During Reagan's era is the last time I felt innocent politically. Those were the times, I thought the world was a happy place, well except for AIDS and Ethiopia. LiveAid and "We are World" were big back then too - but even that song showed unity. Then I grew up.

He had a human face and a human heart and genuinely cared about people. He didn't always do right and he may have been the beginning of the downward spiral of politics, but he was human. Much more than I can say for our recent presidents. My biggest problem is that he brought George Bush in with him. With Reagan we got Bush, and with Bush we got hell, twice, but hopefully not three times.

Sunday was good too. First time driving in Atlanta, and let me say, these people all get their driver's licenses from Cracker Jack Boxes. I swear it. Even the cops cut you off without using a blinker. The speed limit doesn't matter. If it's 45, you better be doing 60 or you are going to have someone right on your bumber and honked at. It was an interesting drive to say the least.

Did a quick geocache today while listening to desi music on the radio. :-) They actually have a radio station that plays desi music. Too much fun. It made my driving fit right into a Bollywood movie, which everyone who knows me, knows I love Bollywood. If only life were as happy as a good Bollywood flick and we all could break out into song and dance in the middle of our day, everyone would be much happier.

Made some Chai and got a box of almond biscotti's, sat outside and drank it while watching firefly's. I had never seen firefly's before. Pretty cool how they blink in the evening twilight. Then watched House of Sand and Fog... really really good movie but way too depressing for a Sunday night.

And the highlight of the weekend - When i began talking like these slurring southerners and caught myself doing it. Oh dear God, is there any hope for me? Am I to become a Southern Belle? Eek.
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