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May 24, 2004
Whew...what a weekend!


Got up and dreaded the day. Mustered up the energy to go get a storage unit for myself and finalize the move. Sisters/Friends are great...they come through when you really need them. One came over with her two daughers and helped me move my stuff. Whew, that saved the day. But lets start at the beginning. Got up still sleepy and ran out the house to go get the storage unit. Oops, don't have car keys. Have to break into my apartment and climb through the window. I should be a burglar as it took all of two minutes. Ran out again. MS's flight was delayed, uh oh. Plan B. Didn't have a plan B. Aforementioned sis came over and we loaded things up and got them moved, leaving three heavy things for the boys to move. Between loads, ran to the airport, picked MS up. Got the big stuff moved. We were supposed to go to a lecture: Dr. Amina Wadud, "Islam Gender and the Challanges of Modernity". She is the author of Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective. I wanted to see it but missed it.

Got done with the moving (for the day) and rushed over to my friends house for dinner. AWESOME food. Traditional Pakistani food. Christians, Shias, and Ahmedi's were represented...the three minorities in Pakistan. :-)

The place was set for an elaborate feast, and feast we did. And I got to be hear Pakistani stories. When one said they used to borrow money from the driver to go to the Tuck Shop, all could relate. It was pretty funny watching them reminisce. Lots of laughing and lots of love. The six of us had a great time. Here is what was served (YUM):

Tandoori Chicken
Aloo Gobi
Mithai (Gulab Jamun, Ladoo, Jalebi, Barfi)

All homemade and EXCELLENT. It was a great evening and went late. The company was great and I look forward to seeing them all on return visits.


Had one of my usual crying fits (usual for these days anyhow). It seems like whenever moving, friends, mountains, or sunsets come up, I get teary eyes. I'm so freaked out about moving. It hit me when as the day gets closer and closer. So note to all: Do not say anything about those subjects or expect me to start bawling. I really didn't realize how much I was going to miss all of this. My friends, those beautiful Colorado sunsets, the mountains looming over the whole west of the city, and just all of it.

Anyhow, got over it and headed to the mountains, springing a leak only occassionally. drove through the Rocky's listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's qawwali's and also Ravi Shankar. Perfect listening for the mystical ride. It's still filled with snow up there and sometimes we were driving along a 12 foot bank of snow with cliffs going straight down on the other side. Thank God MS trusted my driving skills (or tried to) although MS kept looking over nervously making sure my eyes were on the road and sometimes grabbing the steering wheel. It really is beautiful here. For those who haven't seen it: do.


Dropped MS off at the airport :-( and headed home to hit the rest of packing. I still have a lot to do and it's been emotional these days. I hate goodbye's, but I leave Friday so time to get serious. :-)

Just now, we had a massive hail storm. Golf ball sized hail. Eek. Without having a tv it took a while to figure out what was making that noise on the roof. I looked at the weather online a little while ago and it said this:

Some cool and showery weather will spread across the northeastern plains tonight and Tuesday as a push of rather chilly late May air drops down from Canada into Colorado. Scattered showers and thunderstorms can be expected late this afternoon and this evening, with some light showers and areas of fog after midnight.

Sheesh, it didn't say golf ball sized hail nor the pounding of it. Crazy Colorado weather. All right off to pack and just do this. God give me the strength to get through this week.

Oh, and an amusing phone call of the day: I call Mom who has been out of the country for six months or so without a phone and just wanted to see how she was doing. First thing she says is "I don't want you marrying one of "those" men from "those" countries because they lock women up and don't let them go out. Ok Mom, first things first.... Went over it all with her. This is the woman who said after I told her I converted to Islam "What's Islam?" Oh me o my. I guess Mom's been talking to her friends about me and my conversion and getting all the stereotypical stories. I'm going to have to start working on that right away.
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