Sister Soljah
May 03, 2004
The Weekend...rain, rain, rain

What a great weekend. Had brunch with a good friend of mine on Saturday. It rained all weekend here with sporadic thunderstorms. I had never heard lightening in the morning. That was truly weird for me. Went to a small town named Marietta... pretty cool. The South has lots of relics, buildings and otherwise. Also went around a graveyard where there were pauper's graves, confederates, and Margaret Mitchell (writer of Gone with the Wind) is also buried there. Atlanta is strange in a way. It's huge with tons of little unique neighborhoods. Pretty cool. I've never seen a town laid out like this. The only bad things so far: bugs and bad drivers. But it's cool that it has so much history. Went geocaching this weekend too. Grabbed some travel bugs to take back to Colorado. Then I'll be packing up and moving and seeing what the next chapter of my life holds. Everything's gonna change and that's scary but what is a life unless we take some chances? I can't say I'm comfortable with all the changes I've gone through in the last 5 months - converting and what not...but I also think it's all good.

I was looking over my blog and realized I haven't been writing about Islam. I don't know if it's because I'm more comfortable being one or whether it's because I've become complacent. In any case, it's good not to be so stressed out about it.

The news consistently has been driving me crazy. With the photo's that came out last week I was sure it would cause a tidalwave...but instead it has just fallen in the backdrop. Right after I saw the photo's I was sick to my stomach but when i thought it would create some sort of backlash I was sort of happy. Not about the abuse because we already know that goes on with soldiers all the time - we just don't see it. I mean towelhead is synomous with Middle Easterners for them and that is abuse. I was happy because I thought it would make the public angry and turn some people against the war. The more that happens I just get the feeling that nothing changes. Makes me sad.

Oh...another amusing little thing that happened this weekend. I preface this by saying that in Atlanta, people are always asking for money. They are everywhere and they are aggressive. One person can only do so much here in regards to giving money to those who ask. Anyhow, we were at a store and were getting in the car when a guy asked us for some change and at the same time I noticed a dollar bill near the car door. I picked it up and handed it to him and he started laughing. I think he realized he could have picked that one up himself as he had been sitting there before we parked. And then he would have got another buck from us. He looked at me as though I had miraculously made that dollar bill appear. His laugh was funny. A silly mirthy laugh. Kinda cute. He probably hadn't laughed in a long time.
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