Sister Soljah
May 10, 2004
This is sick! I just saw a picture of a woman being raped by a soldier with a gun and it's sick. What the hell??? I am not posting the picture because I don't agree with posting the ones with nakedness of women. Not that the men ones should be posted either but we've all seen them. The words say enough but if you want to see it check out this blog:

Here's another tidbit of the day... My neighbors...good people...have been taking some of the stuff I'm getting rid of for my move and yesterday when in my apartment she saw the Quran and said "Oh, how beautiful. What is this?" Her hands were flipping the pages which I didn't really like, but didn't want to hurt her feelings. "It's the Quran...don't you know I'm Muslim?" I mean the headscarve gives it away doesn't it? But she responded with "Oh, that's interesting." This statement can be taken a variety of ways depending on the tone of the voice, etc. Hers could be translated as "I don't know what to say so i'll say this." Thought is was funny that's all. The day before this she had said "You are the only cool neighbor we have. I wonder if she still thinks so.
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