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May 06, 2004
So much anger, so little time. Today is a ranting and raving day. Attribute it to the 90+ degree weather and being stuck in my third-floor-apartment-without-air-conditioning packing so i can move. Ugh.

To find out that there are over 1,000 different abuse pictures. This is sick! And I started the day only mad at WalMart. But the anger grows by the hour. What is happening in the world? It's pure chaos. Good ole Rush Limbaugh stated today that the pictures were not of horror, abuse, or anything else. What?!? I expect a lot of rubbage to come from Rush but dang, didn't expect that one! And I swear if I hear that damn ad of "I am president George Bush and I authorized this ad...blah blah blah" or the equally bad "John Kerry was born at Ft. Simmons AFB in Colorado....blah blah blah". And is that running everywhere or just Colorado. Sick of them both. We need fresh blood in the oval office not either of these doofuses. I do know I can't take this face anymore.

Now about WalMart... I've never cared for them. But now I despise them. I dislike them because of the fact that they build their gigantic stores full of crap (sorry, i have no other word for it) in green areas and recently in Denver they were trying to take over a lake area. Protestors have been fighting it forever here. But when I read a recent article about them I got doubly angry. Some facts about WalMart I read in In These Times:

Number of Georgia children on subsidized healthcare whose parents work
at Wal-Mart: 10,260

Percent of Wal-Mart workers who can't afford the company health plan: 55%

Percent of health care premiums Wal-Mart workers have to pay: 40

Percent that workers have to pay at average Fortune 500 company: 20

Rank of Wal-Mart among biggest employers in Georgia and U.S.: 1

Amount taxpayers subsidize average Wal-Mart store through welfare programs a year: $420,750

Number of world's 10 richest people that are Wal-Mart executives: 5

(Sources on file at the Institute for Southern Studies)

I haven't seen a WalMart in Georgia yet, but when I do I'll be sure to...oh never mind. Anyhow. Grumpy day towards the world, the heat, and moving.

And isn't that lovely picture of a Iraqi detainee leashed proof of how a first world civilized country's government employees (as opposed to third world) are more civilized than those third world uncivilized people? A year ago Bush said, "We are going to free Iraqis from the most brutal of all regimes." So when is he going to pull out of the war and end the regime?

Click this for some real funny images of the dictator.
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