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May 17, 2004
Running down a deen

Woke up Sunday with a raging hangover from late night chatting. Met this cool girl in my new city and we just have hit it off. Rolled out of bed so i could drive down to see Masooma and go place some geocaches. First stop: Army Surplus Store. Okay, once i pulled into the lot i realized going in there with full hijab was probably not going to be a good idea, but well, I did it anyhow. I found two ammo boxes for the cache, and everyone was looking at me funny. So I decided to have some fun. I went to the front of the store and flipped through all the militia handbooks (Guerilla Warfare, Hand to Hand fighting, Boobytrapping, etc.). I mean if they want to discriminate, discriminate for a reason right?

Well I get in line and am about to pay (with cash) and she asks for my id. What are we in? Nazi Germany? I mean come on. I'm buying two empty ammo boxes. They don't id the militia guys when they go in there. And i was paying cash for a reason. The FBI has been watching me forever. They questioned me for 9 hours and yes Mr. John B. I know you probably read my blog or one of your cronies and basically have my life deprivatized... As I told you before, please do a better job of phone tapping. It's irritating to hear that clicking and lose reception. My friends even hear it. So get a better tapping system okay? And when you tap my new home, please don't break anything. The door slams kind of hard with the gust of wind from the corridor.

Anyhow, sorry about the tangent. I don't pay with credit card or debit card for anything anymore except gas and food. It's not that i'm hiding anything, i just don't like them knowing my daily doings. Them knowing my library books and book stores selections are irritating enough. Well i refused. I said "you didn't ask anyone else for their id so you don't need to ask for mine. If you want to know what I'm doing ask. That ID thing is getting old." I mean if I were a terrorist I wouldn't come in here with my scarf, I'd remove it and blend in as you know "terrorists" like to do. "I'm buying these here ammo cans to do a fun thing called's a family thing..." not an underground terrorist training exercise. By the time the line was getting backed up but they weren't even mad about it. They wanted to know what i was doing in there too. Well hopefully they will explore the fun world of geocaching.

After that little frenzy I hit the road and drove to Masooma's. Anytime I drive a decently long distance i get weird thoughts. Today's was "let's do a Muslima Fear Factor" - just one episode with hijabbed women competing for $50,000. The rules would have to bend for the eating part but they could find other gross things for us to do. But how fun would that be. And I think people would actually watch it out of curiousity. You know, to see what Muslims are really like - they would watch it i'm sure. And they could see how Muslims are just like other people. What do you guys think?

I got there on SSST (Sister Soljah Standard Time) which is usually about an hour late. Sometimes less, but often 45-60 minutes late. Hint to anyone... When you need me to be somewhere just tell me an hour earlier and that would put me right on time. And if I by some act of God make it on regular time, I would have to wait. I would prefer inconveniencing me rather than someone else. :-)

Well we went on some nice little mild hikes placing geocaches in the wonderful outdoors and had a blast doing it. We filled em up with some good stuff too. One was full of DVD's that we got at the dollar store for a dollar each. How cool is that? And the other with lots of fun useful stuff. We did a cache along the way too. It was a grand adventure to find the perfect hiding spot. We were going to do one by the airport but we look at each other and say "eh, not today, don't feel like getting arrested or questioned, etc.

Went back to her place and ate homemade ;-) cheese enchiladas and pomegranite juice. Yum. And chocolate creme pie. Double Yum. Prayed and then watched Zoolander. Very cheesy but Funny movie. I was about to fall asleep. Too much fun for this kid i guess plus with the late night chatting hangover, I was about to pass out but determined to finish the movie. I don't like leaving things unfinished. Except my writing...for that I truly need deadlines.

The drive home was interesting. Eyes watery and blurry, I aimed to stay in lanes occassionally missing the mark, so I decided to listen to some white trash music (you know the type don't ya?) instead of my typical jazz. Haram to some, but well playing chicken on a highway is too...that's suicide. So to make the music non Haram i was bobbing my head and changing the lyrics to songs...I changed Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty to Running Down a Deen and Mickey (yes..that cheesy eighties song) to Allah. It was quite funny and amusing (to me) and kept me from falling asleep.

Got home, very tired, and laid down but thoughts began racing in my mind and well a wave of insomnia hit me and i couldn't sleep. I hate that. My mind keeps me awake.

I'm gonna miss my girls here when i move. They've been there from the get-go and am sad to leave em. Thank God for the internet. Oh, that's a funny story i have to throw in too.

Phone rang rather early (after Masooma's wake up call ;-) and i answered it half asleep and they said something funny so i actually said "laughing out loud" - this is a sure sign that i have been a little too attached to my computer. I started cracking up when i heard myself say it.

The lyrics from Running Down a Deen in honor of Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty but performed by Sister Soljah (okay it doesn't sound so amusing now, but it was last night):

Running Down A Deen

It was a beautiful day, sun beat down.
I had the radio on, I was drivin'
Trees went by, Me and Me were singing
Little Muslima, I was flyin'

Running down a deen
Never thought it would come to me
Working on my prayers
Going wherever it leads
Runnin' down a deen

I felt so tired, but knew anything was possible
Hit cruise control, rubbed my eyes
The last three days the rain was unstoppable
It was always cold, no sunshine

Running down a deen
Never knew it would come to me
Working on my prayers
Going wherever it leads
Runnin' down a deen

As I rolled on, the sky grew dark
I put the pedal down, to make some time
There's somethin' good, waiting down this road
I'm pickin' up whatever good deeds i can find

Running down a deen
Never knew it would come to me
Working on my prayers
Going wherever it leads
Runnin' down a deen
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