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May 07, 2004
Rumsfield Hearing (when they have the text online i will put in a link to the entire thing.)

Okay, I woke up sleepy eyed and determined to have a good day and not being angry, but then I flipped on the tv to watch the morning news (my first mistake) and there's the Rumsfield hearing. An angry day once again. Oh boy. Great. This is going to be one long sarcastic angry blog.

His stupid smirk made me mad and then him saying that adjustments needed to be made in the military, but then he knew of this stuff for months so all in all he didn't care until it became public so he should have saved his "sorrow" and "apology" as everyone knows he doesn't give a damn. He looked like a little boy getting reprimanded with no intention of fixing his behavior.

Then I got really happy. During the middle of his testimony some of the people in the audience (there were public seats available) starting yelling "What are you doing about the other atrocities in Iraq?" Then the whole group back there stood up holding signs and yelling "Fire Rumsfield." Then I got a really big smile on my face. Then the police led them out. But good for them.

What really made me mad though is how he kept saying that it makes us, er, them look bad. They don't care if they are bad, as long as they don't look bad. And then he goes on to say how "now the terrorists will exploit that is their natures as they think they can kill men and women for power."

What terrorists Mr. Rumfield? Where are they? You mean those people who are trying to protect their country from becoming a colony of America? Where are all these terrorists? That's my only question. When is the general public going to start asking this question? Yes, there are insurgents fighting back ... isn't that what war is? One country attacks another and then the other one fights back? Or are they supposed to sit there, get shot, or get detained and get raped with a broomstick? I guess they are just supposed to invite the US to build bases all over their land and be controlled with American ideals.

Rumsfield said "God knows we don't want to be over there." God does? Really? Why are we there if we don't want to be there then Mr. Rumfield?

You guys didn't go get Saddam and leave which you could have. Ted Coppel had an interview with him not long before we went to war. How can Ted Coppel sit across from Saddam and interview him but you guys need to start a war to find him and kill thousands and thousands of innocent people to get at him? I'm confused.

As one comic put it, why didn't you guys learn from the Palestinians and strap an explosive backpack to Ted Coppel and do a suicide bombing to get Saddam? Then Ted Coppel could have been a martyr and Saddam would have been gone and no war would be required? A war that can't be won.

And then during the hearing an emergency broadcast system came on and bleeped over a section of the hearing of a general. Nice timing idiots.

One of the committee members said "People may turn against this war like they did in Vietnam." Well good - dammit. It would be time for that to happen don't you think? This war IS wrong. It's not really an issue. We aren't liberating, we are dictating.

"Mr. Rumsfield this is an easy question to answer...." says one of the committee. "Who was in charge of these interrogations?" He got all snippy with him which thrilled me. He starts talking but not answering the question so he asks again. "I'm asking you... Please answer the question." Still no answer. Now in a harsh tone "It's an easy question Mr. Rumsfield." Whew wee... He gets even snippier "Sir, you can't answer these questions?" Finally, Rumsfield answers "We're trying to come up with an answer." LOL - trying to come up with an answer, er, an excuse, you mean. Again, "It's a very simple, straightforward question." Rumsfield starts stuttering..."are..are...uh". Stumbling. And then he still didn't answer the question. What is it with our dictators not being able to answer questions, their bad grammar, and inability to have a frown without a smirk? Maybe it's because the educational system is lacking in funds? More bombs. No funding for schools.

No matter how much the senate may be against him, and I do have to give some of them some kudos because many are obviously against him and they didn't take it as easy on him as I thought they were going to, Rumsfield won't go.

One brought up the 25 people who died in US custody many by blunt force in Guatamo Bay and how Rumsfield said that the detainees in Guat. Bay the Geneva Conventions didn't apply.

Another said that what Rumsfield and company are doing is creating a PR plan instead of fixing the problem.

"There have been 43,000 captured in Iraq." Now I don't know the population of Iraq..but that's a whole lot of people being detained.

They also knew Jan 13/14...and the public knew said Rumsfield. And then he slipped and said Bush knew in Bush is lying too (but we knew that didn't we?).

I believe that the government did condone these abusive interrogations....the idea that they used nudity as a way of wearing them down and questioning them. But I also want to know the stories of the abused. What are they guilty of? Why aren't those questions being asked? That's a whole lot of people to be held.

A couple of nice comments made by Rumsfield:

- "I don't know the legal term for it, but..." (we know you don't know law, so that's okay)

- "I don't know how to respond to your question." (how to come up with a lie for your question?)

- "I don't know when i told the president. I don't keep notes of what i do. I don't know when it was. I didn't know there was hundreds of these things (pictures) and that they could make it to the public."

Robert Boyd said "I see an extreme arrogance and disdain towards the senate." Go Robert Byrd. Call Rummie on that. His arrogance is sickening. Then he asked "Is an apology enough?" Of course he couldn't answer it, so Boyd kept asking it and then Rummie finally said in so many words Bush would have to answer that. Then he asked "Did you read the report (which is two feet high)?" Rumsfield said "I read the executive summary (50 pages)." Dear God. He didn't even read the report. Robert Boyd impressed me. Cool old guy. Kudos for him!

Rumsfield says we don't want peoples rights infringed we do need to be careful...talking about the reports and reprimanding soldiers. So he protects the rights of those who may be guilty, yet anyone outside the military is detained and then questioned later, sometimes years as in Guat. Bay.

He also said "Who knew there would be people with digital cameras and they would pass the pictures off to the media... How are we supposed to respond to that?" I guess you thought there were more people out there like you and less that give a damn huh Mr. Man?

The really sad thing is that he said he looked at all the thousands of pictures last night and they are awful. He hasn't seen the video. It sounds like the pictures that haven't been released are the worst of them. I can't believe there is anything worse but I am not shocked by anything anymore. I wonder if they'll release them. They should - no matter how graphic. Insh'Allah it will turn more and more against the war and more importantly turn against Rumsfield and Bush, the perpetrators.

One of the commission members said "Americans are different than the enemy." We are better. Say what? You know all Americans Mr. Joseph Lieberman? And how are we better? Aren't we just doing what Saddam was doing? Killing and torturing?

Elizabeth Dole..."we have done great things...and freed many people and set them on the road to democracy." Okay have we done this? From what I hear, there is still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and democracy is no where near being the way of life. Bosnia isn't even considered a democracy's considered an emerging democracy.

The current number of detainees is 11,821. This is not normal.

Hillary had some good points and the more I hear her speak the less opposed I am to her running as a presidential candidate. I think she has the brains and brawn to do a decent job.

Also, there are good soldiers over there and I am proud. I want to give them kudos too. The soldiers that turned these photos in probably saw nothing was going to be done about it so they went to the media. These are good soldiers and the type of people we need in the military. Thanks guys.

The really sad thing is that Rumsfield knows nothing will happen to him as Bush backs him 100% percent.

Yeah, I was going to be a happy person today and be in a good mood, but of course, our lovely government had to go and ruin my day again. I thought they were here for the people. But they are making my life miserable. They are also making this country unsafe and more likely creating more "terrorists" than they are catching.

The killing/murder won't stop. Those soldiers will spend no time in jail. Hell is going to be overpopulated with government officials/employees for sure. Enjoy the flames boys and girls. Maybe you'll get sodomized down there and feel some of the wrath you have created here on Earth.

I've got to leave this country to keep my sanity. The presidential election is getting me down too. We are put in the position to choose the lesser evil... Kerry who says that "We will protect Israel 100%." We've seen Bush in action. Who the hell do we vote for? Nader can't make it unless we could get more people voting. I seriously believe if everyone voted, we could beat the money and get a real president rather than a racist corporation. But as it stands, it looks like Bush will win. And I still believe his trump card will be pulled out right before the elections...the already captured Bin Laden.

Now I'm going to go find a sandbox and bury my head in it so I could insh'Allah have a good rest of the day. It's either that or a plane out of here. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. This stuff is personal to me. I can't push it aside. I have a deep empathy for people and this stuff ties my emotions in a big ball deep in my stomach. The state of this nation, the world, and humankind scares me. I can't just keep pushing it inside.
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