Sister Soljah
May 05, 2004
Okay......... whenever Bush opens his mouth, scrunches up his nose, leans on the podium and spews his sad mind I get angry. These two comments really bothered me:

1. Bush said the abuses were "terrible" for America's image abroad. "I think people in the Middle East who want to dislike America will use this as an excuse to remind people about their dislike," he told Al-Arabiya television, a satellite channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is popular around the Arab world.

How did he turn it around so that the Arabs are wrong and he is right? I mean excuse??? It's not like they are raising hell about namecalling or anything. This is actual physical abuse and an atrocity to any human being. The more he says, the more I think he is Shayton or nonhuman.

2. "It's also important for the people of Iraq to know that in a democracy, everything is not perfect, that mistakes are made," the president said. democracy isn't so wonderful is it? We know the mistakes of democracy...war, killing, raping, beating, terrorizing civilians, and controlling the world by any means necessary. And it will take many many years before Iraq will even become a democracy. Bosnia is doing well and they are still only considered an emerging democracy. Democracy for Iraq won't come until the people run it and the US is completely out...not with 14 US bases dotting the land.

I have lost total faith in mankind. Seeing women partaking in this stuff and how sexually sick so many people are, I am truly disgusted. What makes people do these things? I can't even imagine intentionally hurting do they do it so easily and then laugh about it?
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