Sister Soljah
May 11, 2004
I just wrote this. I wrote it in 5 minutes or so. Therefore, it's no masterpiece but anyhow...


I prostrate Northeast for the third time today
Taking the loneliness away
Purifying me once again
Keeping me from sin.

I ache to be closer to Him
Closer than I've ever been
I long to feel complete
And tears on the stone meet.

I thank You for your gift.
Through these thoughts I sift.
And regain focus on You.
I realize my faith is true.

Accept my Du'a.
Ya Rabbi
Forgive me.

I ask you why you chose to guide me?
I can't see.
Although I accept your trust
For you must see something I don't. You must.

Now I ask in my Supplication
Help the state of this nation.
Let them see You as we Muslims do
The reason for living is only You.

Help those who can't see
that believing in You
is their only hope
to cope.

It's a sad state of affairs here on Earth today.
You see it so I don't have to say.
Help us through this life
And strife.

In this Du'a
I ask you "Please keep me with you."
In reality, It's all I ask of you.
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