Sister Soljah
May 09, 2004
Here is the story/joke from last night:

A man goes to his rabbi and says that his son has come back from college converted to Christianity, and he says, How can this happen? I send my son away to school and he becomes Christian. The Rabbi replies, Funny you should say that! The same thing happened to me! I sent my son to study in Jerusalem, in Israel, and he converted to Christianity there. In Jerusalem of all places, and the son of a Rabbi! How can this be happening? So, I complained to God about it and told him, God, I sent my son to Jerusalem and he became a Christian! And God replied, Funny you should say that! The same thing happened to me!

I thought it was cute.

Also, another thing from last night that I really liked. When asked about hijab, two women spoke and both had very good points. But this puts it in a nutshell. A woman is like a diamond. When you go into a jewelry store, diamonds are kept under glass because they are the most valuable of jewels. Wearing hijab treats women like a diamond. That really put it in a nutshell for me. Lately, I've been struggling to wear it because it's been so hot and i like to do so much outside. It's my first summer being Muslim so it's probably going to be the hardest, but I'll get through it and figure out a way to make it work, just like I did when I started wearing it to work to everyone's dismay.

Learning curves are good as they make us stronger. Just like the morning prayer does. Being able to do that everyday really teaches us about committment and faith. It's the hardest thing to do as a Muslim (in my opinion) to wake up on a Sunday morning at 5am or so to pray. But what it does to our character is the payoff, let alone having an early morning conversation with God and then watching the sun rise. It's really a gift. A beautiful experience and actually my favorite prayer even though it is the hardest one.
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