Sister Soljah
May 04, 2004
FYI.... Hackers are at it again. I've received a ton of bad email. Last year, I had my email account lost because I didn't know this. Since I'm getting these emails again, I want to warn you all.

If you get an email from Yahoo, Ebay, Hotmail, etc....basically anyone...that says that your account will be deactivated, your credit card info needs to be updated, please login into your account before it gets deactivated. These are all hoaxes. Don't fall for it.

I did last year. Someone sent me an email with Yahoo heading, and the Yahoo address and it said that I needed to sign into my account so it wouldn't get deactivated (that they were cleaning up their server)... I did. From that point the hacker had complete access of my email, personal info in the email, and made my life hell for a while. They got onto Ebay and tried selling cars, boats, etc. all under my name. It's a pain to clean up. Just wanted to let you guys know. The messages look authentic but they are not.
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