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May 05, 2004
Back home.

Got back home Monday night and my brother and neices picked me up from the airport. Driving towards the mountains with a beautiful sunset made me realize the great things Colorado has. I hate that I'm giving up's one of my favorite things. There's a quote from a book a read as a teenager that I always think about. The book was called "The Unoriginal Sinner and the Ice Cream God" - it's out of print, but a great read. It's about a Catholic boy righting letters to an athiest pretending to be God. Great insights in it though. A Jewish teacher recommended it to me in the ninth grade.'s the line from the book:

(a letter)
Dear God: Why do you let people grow old? Signed: Conroy

Conroy: Although I've created all of you, I often find the way you think quite puzzling. For me, the most beautiful moment on earth is old people. They are my human sunsets. Signed: God

I don't know why I often relate sunsets to that passage... I guess it's because I feel it's a great gift from God and a great way to end the day. I'm sad that I won't see them anymore.

The other thing. Driving. Driving in Denver versus Atlanta. This is what I have learned. Atlanta drivers are crazy, they drive fast and reckless and scare me. I'm sure it is how I will die. In Denver they drive rather polite in comparison. But here's the thing. Yesterday while running errands (in Denver) I realized this city is going through a major facelift. Cone zones are everywhere. I had to go through 4 zone areas of construction and then 2 detours. It sucks driving here lately. It did turn green while I was gone though. Nothing of the Atlanta green though. I am still excited about the move though. I like the South. And the people amuze me. Rednecks, hiphoppers, and old money. Oh, and then there's us. The accent makes me laugh too. God help me if I start talking laak dat. ;-)'s something amusing. I haven't gone grocery shopping (except for dairy) for weeks now and my goal is to eat all the contents of my frige, freezer, and cabinets before I move. The meals are getting interesting to say the least.
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