Sister Soljah
May 04, 2004
Article that has the media in an uproar...

It is harsh, but he brings up some good points... click the link to read Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him

What I don't get is how this article has people upset, but how 10,000-15,000 dead Iraqi civilians don't? Or the maltreatment of prisoners? Or wars being fought in error? I do think it was a noble thing that Tillman did, the problem is that he was fighting in an unnoble war. A lot of people fighting the war are good people, and really didn't know what they were getting into. And many have given up their military careers because of what they saw and the wrongdoing.

I am completely against the war as it's not a solution. Things won't change over there with occupation. Much more blood will spill before they figure it out. Tonight on the news was a story of a woman who is 57 or so (can't remember exactly) - she's a grandmother, mother, etc. and she has been called up for up to 400 and some days as a reservist. That's just crazy to me. What is a grandma going to do? They keep sending all these reservists who have no clue, no training, and most were probably just trying to get their student loans paid off. One weekend a month isn't bad until you get called to war.
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