Sister Soljah
April 23, 2004
Wow! Two couples I know have eloped and gotten married in the last two weeks. Spring is definately in the air. Both married for the absolute right reasons too. I wish I could be so bold and brave, but I'm more traditional. Although I do think it would be easier (and definately cheaper) to do such a thing. The Lake Tahoe wedding sounded great. It's so pretty there. The Vegas one obviously wouldn't be for me. And there's no stress about family.

What else? I finished "Struggling to Surrender" by Jeffrey Lang. Real good book and he focuses on Islam in the West and namely the US which was good to read and helped me out a bit. He brought up a lot of good issues and things to think about. For instance, how a lot of customs/traditions are not viable in the US. The way our society is structured doesn't, for instance, warrant for segregation at mosques because most women here work and have to interact with men on a daily basis. So why not at the mosque? It does seem more people would show up and maybe a more vibrant discussion would take place and women would feel more of the process... I agree and think some women lose the religion because they feel trapped between being in the US and the religion. I talk to many women who give up the religion because they don't agree with some of the rules such as this. He also thinks female converts actually get slighted a lot because they are used to being part of a process, rather than sitting in a separate section and being quiet. It seems like a good idea though - desegregation. He also pointed out how during the prophet's (pbuh) time, there wasn't segregation...that it didn't occur until 150 years after his death. He goes into a lot of other things. I think it's a good book for converts and Muslims in general as he discusses many things that affect our communities and Muslim families/individuals in general.

Sometimes after reading a book like this, I'm left with a very contented feeling - that I am 100% sure I've made the right decision. Sometimes after being bombarded with what I should do or what is expected of me conflicts with my own feelings, and I feel frustrated. When I read something like this, I feel good about the decision I've made. I highly suggest reading it if you haven't.

It was a nice day to read too... Sat at the edge of the lake in a great nearby park and swung on a swinging park bench to the sounds of birds and enjoyed the words I was reading. It was one of those days where you just love being alive. All the senses are more alive. The smell of flowers tingle your nose, walking barefoot in the grass tickles your feet, and the air entering the lungs is a blessing. I love those days...
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