Sister Soljah
April 21, 2004
Urdu and GT

Went to the Georgia Tech Noble Barnes last night and got a book on Urdu and I am so excited. It teaches you how to say it, write it (the script), and what not. It's so cool and I'm very excited. Insh'Allah I will know the language (maybe at a kindergarden level - lol) but it will be so fun. I'm told I pronounce it pretty good already. Insh'Allah i will be able to write some UrdEnglish poetry soon and be able to read those ghazels... can't wait.

The Georgia Tech campus is pretty cool too. I'm staying in that area so it's interesting. I really like it here. And there is a great park right here in the city that I've been walking to everyday to read. It's really nice. I'm not really missing home at all...well except for having a car.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming road trip too. That should be a lot of fun.

Still having writer's block...but must get an article done before the road trip.
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