Sister Soljah
April 06, 2004
So so so... good day. Did some reading and writing in the morning. Then headed south to see Otawi. It's always nice to see her. We went geocaching... her first time and I think she liked it. We especially liked finding these treasures from the cache: a glow in the dark "saint of television" - she was perfectly hijabed and all - pretty funny. Catholics have so many saints... Also found a Disney Monsters Inc Kuwait toy card with Arabic writing.... Interesting. She lives in a pretty military town and so a soldier probably brought it back with him. After that we got some food and watched British Comedy (what was it called? Red Dwarf?). Good tiimes. And she loaned me about ten books to read...can't wait to dive in. Good ones. I've been asking a lot of questions lately to everyone and these will insh'Allah answer some. Or make me ask a hundred more. We'll see.

Then I headed to my sisters...since she lives so close. Spent a little bit there doing the family thing. Then I had a white knuckled drive home. First I saw a rollover accident happen on the highway right in front of me...that always makes me cringe and nervous the rest of the drive. Then another one...this one with two cars rolled over and down a hill. I couldn't wait to get home after seeing this... Rollovers are scary... I was in a pretty bad one a couple years ago and was amazed that I was alive after. Only got a broken tailbone but that hurt for a year. So many people die in them. Sometimes I think we should go back to horse and buggy's - I mean how many fatal accidents did they cause?

I pondered God and religion the whole way home and it's weird to me how Easter and the Holy Week for Catholics is here and so is the end of Muharram. What's interesting is how similar they are... both are about martydoms and highly ritualistic. I was born Catholic, then went Buddhist, then Taoist and explored many others along the way before reaching Islam, but it's interesting how they are all linked and really are a part of me. A friend said to me the other day that it makes sense that I made it to Shiasm... there are the Imams are like the saints of Catholicism. The rituals and rules are also similar. It has the spirituality of Buddism and Taoism, so it's all the religions wrapped up in one.

I'm going out of town this weekend to see one of my best friends and am looking forward to that. Should be a great trip. I'm also looking forward to going out of town the following weekend for a couple weeks. Going to see Savannah (GA), Charleston (SC), and possibly Orlando (FL). I haven't seen any of the South (except Atlanta and New Orleans) or the East so it should be a lot of fun.
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