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April 30, 2004
Road Trip

Went on a road trip Sunday and it was great. Drove through Georgia to Savannah...a great town full of history and beautiful buildings and houses. Wandered around the squares and waterfront area soaking up the atmosphere and lots of humidity. Humidity there was 75%...that's just crazy. Humidity in Denver is usually around 35% and i could tell the difference. My hair too. I've never seen it do the things it was doing. What is up with that?

Anyhow... the next day, we went around Savannah and did the horse and carriage tour to get some history on the city. I wish I could remember right now all that it discussed but here are a few interesting facts. Savannah was the only city that wasn't burned down during the war between north and south, Savannah was the first planned city and that's why there are all the squares with neighborhoods surrounding them. These were great to explore each with a different theme and the houses that surround them immaculate and ornamental. Spanish moss drips everywhere. Very very cool. Also checked out the cemetery which housed some nice info. The tombs that were changed by the enemy are really kinda funny. You'd have a tombstone that says so and so, aged 12 years, and his wife aged 17 years and their son aged 47 years... The North did that as a disgrace to the southerners. Amusing stuff. Also checked out where Forrest Gump's bench was and also the building the feather floats in front of in the movie. The tour was great and the guide lotsa fun. I liked the square where the Declaration of Independence was read to an enthusiastic crowd. How amazing would that be? When people actually believed in their country. Tainted purity. I loved this town. Completely.

Next was Tybee Island and the Crab Shack. Went to eat lunch/dinner at the infamous Crab outdoor "restaurant" - each table has a trash can in the middle to throw waste into. It sits right on the edge of the water and is pretty amusing. Felt like something straight out of a movie. Very southern casual dining and the place is very popular. Voted best seafood. It was very good. The theme was "Where the elite eat with bare feet." Funky and fun down by the water in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.

Then we headed to Florida...Orlando. The first day we headed to Universal Studios. It was better than I had expected it to be. It was fun to experience a tornado, an earthquake, and the best was Shrek and Back to the Future. The Back to the Future one was just superb. All of us laughing and oohing and ahhing. The park itself is cool. The waterfront area was cool and the old sets all along the streets. Too much fun. Just what the doctor ordered. We experienced it all.

The next day we headed out to NASA... Kennedy Space Center and did the tour there. It is downright amazing when you look at the technology and space and the fact that we've been there. It's crazy that we can do these things. How scary that must have been for the first guy there. I mean the moon? Can you imagine?

The shuttles have really become so efficient and advanced. It just amazes me. And in a way it scares me too. I wonder if we are supposed to go there. It doesn't seem like it. I also wonder why the government wants to go there. It's cool and all but it's just not natural in a way. Although, if I could afford to see the moon up close I would probably go too.

But with all this technology why can't we do the simple things? And why can't we use that technology and knowledge for more useful things like creating peace. Our missions in space began as a fear of the Russians watching us which was logical. I remember those days where we had school drills for us to practice going into bomb shelters, etc. It was scary as a small kid and not understanding what was happening. Nothing compared to what many countries go through on a daily basis. The threat of war is nothing compared to actual war.

The air force base across the bay was interesting too. There's our weapons of mass destruction (a few of em...Bush being the biggest weapon of mass destruction). Missiles across the bay that can reach Russia. Pretty eerie.

Checked out Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area and headed back to Orlando as Cocoa Beach appeared to be more of a party town so we got back to where the attractions were. And Boggy Creek was calling us.

Next morning we went for an airboat ride through the marshes looking for gators and turtles and all that. It's so peaceful out there in the marshes. Miles and miles of undisturbed land. Saw a pretty big female gator too. Both of us now want to open one of these up and just cruise tourists around the marshes all day. How stress free would that be?

Florida was cool. Green, lush, gators swimming along the highway marshes, bald eagle was a great vacation. The bald eagles are cool too. Since they mate for life, they have homes to nest in. The ones we saw have a huge nest on the NASA grounds where they have their babies. But they also have a home in North Carolina. Kinda cool.

Other amusements. Finished the audiobook of Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's my Country?" - good stuff. I can't agree with it all, but he offers a lot to think about. The Georgian's in the rural areas don't speak English. Well it's English but they don't move their lips much so it just sounds like mumbo jumbo. Kinda funny as you have to look at the face and gestures to figure out what they are talking about. I wouldn't ask for directions as I'd probably end up in Arkansas. Searchin' for gators was fun too...ugly little critters but cute in that ugly sort of way.

Reminds me of a favorite song of mine: "And now it's 55 years later. We've had the romance of the century. After all these years wrestling gators I still feel like crying when I think of what you said to me..."
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