Sister Soljah
April 07, 2004
On Naseeb, I have been corresponding with a woman and I like what she recently said... we were talking about the Buddha being a possible prophet... and this is what she said:

"All of the Prophets may have been Muslim, but I believe they each taught a different aspect of Islam, and that Mohammad (pbuh) came last because he was able to encompass all of the teachings."

I never really thought of it that way, but Mohammad (pbuh) did encompass all of the teachings of the other prophets...

I practiced many of the eastern religions (though i considered them more philosophies as i kept God separate) and the teachings are amazing. I also think of Christianity and those teachings were inspiring. I also have read a lot of Jewish books on the way we should live life and those were incredible.

Another friend of mine said that all religions teach good things, not bad. None of them teach evil. It's true. The problem comes when extremists push politics and self into religion...and therefore turning religion into a battle for their beliefs.
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