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April 02, 2004
Odds and Ends

It's been in the mid-70's the last couple weeks and I've locked myself indoors. Today, I decided it was time for a little hike and some geocaching ( - a scavenger hunt using a gps...pretty cool... But, oops - I go the day it rains and hails. It is still pouring out there with lightening and thunder...peaceful really. I love thunderstorms as they are so rare here. Rain is something I seriously miss having lived in Oregon for 13 years. Anyhow, it was a wet hike back.

When I got home I was doing a little stock research...I used to trade quite a bit back in the day and this is crazy. One of the stocks I used to buy and sell was always right around $100-$200 when I traded it. It's high was right around $1,000. Well today, that stock is worth $6.30. I haven't researched stocks in a while and I guess I hadn't realized the extreme situation of our market. Crazy. Just a thought...enough of the geeky stuff...

But this is something interesting I read the other day by Michael Moore... Saudi Arabia (and we're talking mostly the Royal Family) has a trillion dollars in U.S. banks and also a trillion dollars in the U.S. stock market. If they took that money out, there would be a serious crisis. It is no wonder that the U.S. essentially kisses their fannies. I mean that's a lot of money. It would simply make the stock market crash, and withdrawing that money from banks would make interest rates skyrocket to unbelievable rates. Pretty scary when you think about it.

This is a boring blog I'm sure for my normal readers, but dang, think about that. Okay, now on to the fun stuff: Dune

A friend told me how the Dune books were a lot like Islam...and well, today I started watching the movie...only an hour or so into and it's four and a half hours (Director's Cut) and dang, it's crazy, but even the movie hints at it and also just the Middle East in general. Here's what I've watched so far and weird references...and this is only one hour of it. I'm gonna have to read the books for sure now...

Okay, there are Jezurit's (sounds like Jesuits) and Arrackis (sounds like Iraqi's) and there are prophets and messiah's too. Jihad (the actual word jihad is used) and then it all takes place in the desert. The spice in the desert is what sustains (i think of oil) and they need allies in the desert (hmm...sounds like the U.S.). One leader says "Good intentions by deeds" is what we are judged by (sounds like Islam). There is a water ceremony of cleansing (sounds like Wudu). A lot of the women in the desert wear hijab and there is a family named Itrali's (sounds like Israel's). Then this is the weird thing... I couldn't understand the name the woman said - but i swear she said "Is it possible that she brings the Mahdi." OMG. Then their are smugglers in the desert paying off the government and one leader guy says "In the world we live, self interest governs all" (true enough) and then continues to say "The Emperor needs us to administer Arrackis so the spice (oil) flows for all... but fears any influence on the great houses (Kaba) - he will let it fall though if it's in his interests and may even hasten it." And the Emporers name is Emporer Shaddam (do i need to say what that sounds like?). It's crazy.

Gonna watch at least another hour of it in a bit...
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