Sister Soljah
April 08, 2004
Lots o stuff to blog today...

First, Condeleeza Rice is a joke. I mean come on. Three hours of her cracking voice and I was about to crack. 9/11 is getting old. Just admit that they wanted it, that it gives them the chance to have most of a nation back their campaign against the Middle East and bomb each individual country into oblivion and chaos. I mean seriously, the spin doctoring of it all is getting old. Any time a plane is hijacked military jets are sent right away in attack mode. Not one, but five planes hijacked and they did no such thing. They knew planes were hijacked...they know that immediately. And the way Bush just sat there in that damn Florida classroom was a joke too. And the statement about swatting flies. What the hell? I mean, everyone knows the way to stop flies is not to give them sustenance to multiply. They did this. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The U.S. wanted 9/11 as it gives them all the ammunition and hatred towards the Muslim world to do whatever they want. One thing 9/11 did was show everyone in the world how weak and fragile the U.S. is. I mean countries go through wars and famines and don't whine as much as the U.S.did. Okay whining is not the right word....but I don't know one that is. I'm not saying those lives didn't deserve crying over, but what about the rest of the world and the thousands of innocent people that have been killed because of it and prior wrongings that never show up in the news. Sorry if I sound heartless as I am not, but those lives are no more important than the others. Sick. This country would fall apart if bombing came here. This country wouldn't be able to handle war over here. They would implode upon themselves and chaos would be everywhere... People think the Middle East is crazy...let them watch themselves go into total chaos if a war like Iraq is ever fought here.

Second, on a lighter note... It has rained here off and on for three days. This never happens...and it's rain you can actually hear on the roof. I haven't heard that sound in so long that I just sat and listened to it with a hot cup of chocolate. And all of a sudden things are turning green and flowers and trees have color again. Beautiful. This is rare for us...years of drought have made us a brown state. We used to have a lot of water and then started selling it to California and then, well all the Californians moved here. Duh. Gotta love it.

Third, Sister Scorpion, I'm mad at you. Went to the bookstore you told me about and well loved it and bought books I've been searching for and way too many. Dang it. I'm trying to get rid of books not buy more. At this rate, I'm going to have to read a book a day for 60 days to catch up. Here's a few of the ones I got today:

Che: A Revolutionary Life
What Would Buddha Do?
The Te of Piglet (sequel to The Tao of Pooh)
Jihad vs. McWorld
Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Society's (Noam Chomsky)
Illiterate Heart (a book of Poetry by some cool Indian lady... and that title rocks)

and some more. Argh. How did I not know that there was such a great used book store right down the street and one that is so cool. And now I'm moving away. I do love my Capital Hill Books too... The clientale is amusing in itself. And there's always a homeless person lurking around...they need books too you know. And I've been trading my books in there so i have less to move here in a couple of weeks. This was cool - they have a section of "we recommend" ... and these guys are well read and head of a writing workshop program here...the best one in Denver...anyhow, they had some recent books I had sold up on that shelf...about 8 of mine.

Going to eat a pint of Chubby Hubby ice cream and read now...then tomorrow I'm flying out for a long weekend...
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