Sister Soljah
April 19, 2004
Down South

Went to the park today and realized just how different the South is from the West...let alone the North. The accent cracks me up... I mean that I try not laughing but it just cracks me up. It's cute too but it's like the way they talk is the way they live...s...l...o...w. It is a slower pace here. Denver is no speedy town like a New York or anything, but down South, days just go by slowly and there's no sense of rushing. It's just slow.

I've also never been anywhere where there was such a concentration of African Americans... and I don't mean this in any racial way...but it does take a little getting used to. It's nice to see really. But the segregation and racism is also apparent...both ways. I was walking around the park and there were these adorable little black girls swinging away on their swings and I'm assuming their big brother playing with them. The teenage boy says "I'm going to be a singer...cause i sound like Usher" (r & b guy) and one of the little girls says, "no, no, you sound like Billie Holiday" (love her music...prefer Nina Simone but she is a close second) and he starts laughing and says :"Well that's a compliment cause Billie Holiday is great. She's got a great voice." The little girl retorts with "Well then you just sound like an old white dude" and goes on to sing like "an old white dude" - it was too funny. And he said "you got me now...I'm insulted." So it was being white that was an insult...not being a girl. I laughed too. What was really cool is people down here actually know blues and jazz and soul. I love it but people have always thought I was weird for listening to soul... down South people know what soul music is and that is a beautiful thing - I've never been anywhere where people actually listened to it - it's all r & b these days.

What else? Ah, saw some women in strollers today chatting away with other women with strollers and it looked so enticing. I could never imagine myself strolling through the park with a stroller, but today I could. Is it the biological clock ticking or is it that I'm actually getting more maternal? Dunno, but I could see myself doing it today in either case.

I was thinking about prayer the other day...and it has helped me to think this way. I'm sure I read it somewhere and just don't know where, but prayer is like food... It sustains us. Food and water nourish our body, prayer takes care of our sprituality which is just as important. We need prayer just as much as we need food and water and that is how we should think of it. Not that we have to pray, but that we need to pray. I have noticed a difference in my prayers since reading books on prayer. I really think they are helping me get back to how i was when i first converted.

That's it from here... now I must work. I'm having serious writer's block which isn't good when you have something to do, but it's here and i must find a way to beat it.
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