Sister Soljah
April 20, 2004
Anniversary of Columbine shootings

Today is the day those two boys took their hostility against the world out on a suburban high school. I remember the day because a lot of things were going on at the time. I had just quit the best job I ever had to go to Europe for 3 months and I was busy selling all my belongings and getting ready for my first TransAtlantic flight. I lived about ten minutes from that high school for about 5 years and so my heart went to those who were there that day. I watched the tv in anger. Most of my anger was directed at the police. They stood outside that school frozen in fear and didn't do what they should have done which is get in there. But instead, they stood outside on their walkie talkies deciding a plan of action until all was quiet and death already evident. To me the police that day were wimps. They were armed while the students were just kids at school scared out of their minds. Why didn't they get in there and try and stop what was happening?

Violence in America is our biggest problem after uneducation. This is a country that just isn't educated about the world yet we have some of the best universities. There is a lack of understanding of politics, the world outside these 50 states, and the problems that our country creates while trying to control the world.

It's sad that shootings such as these occur, but it is understandable. Living in a place like this, society is detached. Materialism and superficiality abound, while understanding and compassion are lacking. What would make two boys want to kill randomly? Is it inherent evil? Or is it something else? I feel they were lost. Not in the sense most use the word. But lost in the sense that with suburban stripmalls, fast food, and the caste system in schools - how are they to know who they are? The systems that are in place control us and it's hard to get through and find out who you really are. Most people sit back in their easyboy chairs and watch sitcoms in the evening but when it comes to learning about the problems of the world, they are just lazy (or plain and simply too tired after a hard day's work to give a damn). The really sad thing is that many just turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the dissatisfaction they feel. And aren't most Americans really dissatisfied? I mean how else do we explain the fact that most drink, consume, and just try to ignore the world outside? I feel it is internal pain and dissatisfaction. What do you think?
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