Sister Soljah
March 04, 2004
Wow... I slept. Came home from work and went to bed. So nice after weeks of barely sleeping. Woke up in a daze....actually thought the clock said 1 am but it was 7pm. Still 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the afternoon. There's nothing like it. Woke up to snow. Yuck. Missed Kumayl already - my intention was to go to the mosque tonight but c'est la vie. Too late. Maybe I'll stay up and read all night now....make up for the sleep I got. ;-)

Thought about the presidential election today quite a bit and got real depressed. I definately don't want Bush, I thought Kerry would be good, but the more I learn about him, I don't think he's going to be much different. Nader would be nice, but that's an impossility. When will there be a president I will actually be interested in voting for? Why do we have to choose between the lesser of two evils? I'm starting to think they all come from the same stock. Oh they do. Rich white men. I swear, if ever a minority or a women runs for office, I will vote for them - if nothing else to break the chains of white supremacy standing up for their own. The poorer the candidate, the better. I think of Che, him I would run out and vote for, and even work in an office promoting him. When will we get someone that I would want to run around with a button on. All I got now is Bush with a red slash through it. When will we actually have a choice between moral men or women? Ugh...frustrating.
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