Sister Soljah
March 18, 2004
UGH...I'm not worth a cent...

Okay, so I struggled through the day yesterday, spent more time outside than I should have wandering around downtown at lunchtime looking at drunks and bums and teenagers that dress like they are 30. Let the secret service agents lurking around raise their eyebrows at my hijab. Talked and visited with people. Then I had my exit interview at my job and well here's how it went...

Okay, your health insurance will expire at the end of the month. Check.
You no longer have life insurance. Check.
Wish you luck in the future. Check.
Your badge? I give it to her. Check.

As I was driving home I became scared. I have nothing lined up for a paycheck. If I died today, I'm not worth a penny and would be buried in a pauper's grave. If I get sick I could only go to the local hospital as a poor person and see a bad doctor who would probably hurt me more than help me (my bout with West Nile crosses my mind). I am freaking out now. What have I done?
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