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March 25, 2004 (Thursday) was one of those days I enjoy...thrive on. I read a book... "Marriage and Morals in Islam" - good stuff, watched Slam (a movie that is about Spoken Word Poetry - a mixture of rap and poetry - it was mentioned in this book of poetry i've been reading (Listen Up!). Nice little flick.

Got the resume all updated. Finished painting a picture. Started on my taxes (hate that) and read some Rumi... did a little writing too. Oh, and I baked a cake. How Suzie Homemaker of me. Dinner was good too... i made Chicken Tortilla Soup...yum. Started my newest book review also.

I love those days where it's all input into the brain. I used to fast on these types of days. I wouldn't eat or drink anything - I would just create. I would also fast from talking. It's cool to go a whole day without speaking a word. I used to do that a lot... Try it sometime. Go a whole day without saying a word. Everything goes internal and it creates a state of solitude and stillness.

(sidenote) I needed white noise so i turned on the tv for a few minutes while doing some research online...daytime tv is sad. I can't imagine kids flipping channels during the day. I can't believe what they have on daytime tv... dating shows where people take turns kissing and being all over each other. Man, what is going on? On national tv young girls go on and talk about their sexual exploits. My dad would have lynched me if i ever... Anyhow...just thought it was sick. No wonder I don't watch tv. I promptly turned it off. Oh...and here's the kicker...the two about aids and drug use - the other a type of medication for herpes...go figure. Is this really entertainment? i remember when 3's Company was risque. Dang...

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