Sister Soljah
March 06, 2004
Red Earth Women's Alliance Peace Rally and March

"These boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do..."

Put on Iranian garb, hijab, and Doc Martins and hit the pavement.

What a day! Marched with all walks of life...punks, Native Indian Movement, Jews, Christians, Pagans, athiests, Hindu's, and a few other name it and it was there. All marching in the name of peace. Guerilla girls did cheerleader cheers about revolution and what not..."I don't know what I've been told - this war for oil is getting old" and some other raging cheers. Flags and signs all over crying out for unity. Drumming by the Indians the whole way. The tribal sound leading the pack to downtown. The jingling of the shells and beads adorning their traditional garb still echoing in my ears.

Got to the end and had Indian (native not eastern) dancing. Pagan or not, we all enjoyed it. Spanish speeches about revolution and immigration screamed out. Poetry. Little kids saying poems and singing songs for peace. Palestinian flag waving. All causes were spoken for and the women's role in them. Self determination and revolution. Some men marched too which is really cool. The "Raging Granny's" dressed in old granny clothes and sung anti-Bush songs. It was awesome. Then prayers from each religion were done.

Sister Scorpion got drug up there for that...too funny. That's what you get for wearing the An Indian woman spoke of the genocide inflicted on the Indians and the government's tendency to kill. This country is a country born in blood. It was never the white man's. Oh, those crazy granny's did a song about "rich white men" and they were fuuuunnyyy.

The spy files here are a mile long with peace activists and some of the people here have their names on it. I actually haven't been to very many rally's or marches since the boys in black (FBI) paid me a visit or two or three. According to the police and the FBI here, activists are dissidents and therefore possible aiders to terrorism or terrorists themselves. Bite me.


Then an older Afghani lady from my mosque got up there and in her Afghan-English said "Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem... I am from Afghanistan. I am Muslim. Spoke what she could about war and then at the end yelled "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar." Then said peace and made the peace sign. (I got a great picture of this). She is so brave and I've always had so much respect for her. I see her at the mosque weekly and she is the matriarch of her house and I love it. She drug the kids along too and made them join in. All of us holding signs. When she said Allahu Akbar all us Muslims did too but she did it three times and that seriously made my skin tingly and goosebumps covered my body. It was sooooo awesome. So strong. So brave. So woman. She is a pillar of strength to me. She may as well have gotten up there and said "I am Woman, hear me roar" cause that is what I saw. Sister Scorpion started crying.

It's a shame the name of Allah has become associated with terrorists and the very mention of the word gives people the eebie jeebies. The crowd did get a little quiet after that. But i praise her for the way she stood up in front of those people so proud, so loud, so wonderful.

Then we all joined hands in a circle of peace (Native Indian peace circle dance) and then said Salaams.

Sister Scorpion and I then went to an old hangout from high school...bohemianish coffeehouse and daytripped to the past. Naked art lining the walls. Smoked cigarettes, me drinking my typical Chai and her something chocolaty, and ate pesto pizza. Started talking to the girl at the next table who is from Chzech Republic who had the Star of David on a necklace swinging back and forth as she gestured while speaking while we were hijabbed just goes to show that people want peace...the governments don't.

We were on memory lane a bit I think - we've both changed so much. Both of us were very different in high school (15 years ago) and had one class together and went to school together for a year. We knew each other but she was a punk and I a hippy. Never talked after high school until I met her through the mosque (15 years later!) a couple months ago. With so few Shias here, it's just crazy to think we found each other again. Now that is kismit. Love you sister!

We drove homewards to the sound of matam (chestbeating) and I felt good. Even after finding out that my car got in an accident while I was marching - at least the guy left a note with insurance info. I really could care less. Today was a great day and nobody can get me off this ecstatic feeling.

I could go on and on... but won't... I will post pictures later this week - they will speak more than my words. Lots of good ones.
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