Sister Soljah
March 03, 2004

I've been thinking - Does Paradise/Heaven have different layers? I wonder because I think that a whole lot of people are going there and this includes many non-Muslims ... there's a lot of people who do good out there but don't do what's required for Paradise but I think will surely be let are there layers?... like - okay you all go over here, and you over there... But then I started thinking, Can Israeli's and Palestinian's get along in heaven? Can Mother Teresa hang out with the Buddha? What about all the people who have tried to create peace? What would it be like for Mother Teresa and Ghandi to have a conversation? And would there be different sections for the most pious (prophets, etc), the "i do my best," and the "i don't do jack regarding religion, but i do good deeds and am a good person"? If there are sections, I would probably go to the "so glad i got past those security". Okay not funny. But seriously, I wonder.

I mean Allah sent 124,000 prophets/messengers - five with a book - there was a reason for that. He was giving everyone the opportunity for Paradise. Makes one wonder who these prophets were and just how compassionate He is.
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