Sister Soljah
March 29, 2004
Osama...the movie. First movie I've seen in a theatre in two years...crazy.

Okay, this movie will make your gut ball up in disgust. I'm not going to tell the details in case anyone wants to see and doesn't want it spoiled. If you want to know what it is about click the link below for a review...

But, what I will shares are my thoughts. Man o man, the Taliban really irk me and make me want to go over and kick the ibby gibbies out of them. In my opinion, they are afraid of women, not protectors of women. Women have no value and the violation of them is a God given right (in their heads). I mean this stuff was sick. Oh screw it... I've gotta speak of the movie a little...if you don't want the movie spoiled, please quit reading.....spoilers start here....

Okay, so this little girl (about 12) whose eyes speak her fear of the Taliban has to pretend to be a boy and go to work...that's scary enough. Then she gets snatched up by the Taliban to go to a school for Taliban training. Well of course her gender is found out - we wouldn't have a movie if she didn't. And well she's married off to an old mullah "by Allah's will". I will not tell the end... But throughout the movie we see how women are not even second rate citizens, they are merely inviscible or being maltreated. One Australian woman gets buried and stoned to death (tastefully we don't see the actual stoning) for being an infidel. When women walk in a eerie demonstation carrying signs begging to be allowed jobs so they can feed their families, they are hosed down and many arrested. The cinematagraphy itself is beautifully creepy. The men who are not Taliban also show the pain and fear in their eyes, though they feel a little safer obviously because they can't get arrested for leaving the home without a male but they do feel for the women. Much more happens in the movie but this is the gist and it's just disturbing.

Right before the movie at coffee, a friend of mine was saying that the Taliban was a recognized government and we should never have started a war with them. I agreed somewhat...not that the Taliban was a recognized government (recognized by who? the US, etc....other oppressors)...but I agreed that we didn't have a reason to attack a whole country and install a new government...this is because I believe in Revolution, change has to come from within the country - from the people. But after talking with another about that, the people did try and revolt and it created civil war. My question is this: How could the Taliban have been taken out? Right now I want to go over there and take a couple of them on. I hate war but I don't think there was another solution... Those guys had to go. The first thing that should have happened is the US should never have funded them, then left them on their own after defunding them, and then start a war years later. The US is to blame for the war not the Taliban and how dare this country "recognize" them as a government. The Taliban are bad, but what does that make the US for funding them?

This movie left me really disturbed which shows just how good it was. Four stars on the Sister Soljah scale. One thing that worries me though is that non-Muslims may think the Taliban is Islam...insh'Allah, the ones seeing it are more educated than that...but I really hope that misconception won't happen.

Here's Ebert's review...
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