Sister Soljah
March 31, 2004
The Moth Incident (yup...nothing really good to say so I will share the trivial meaningless terrifying event of the evening)

Okay. I hate bugs. Hate them. I know they are God's creatures, and I love them and am amazed at them from afar, but I hate them around me. And I didn't know what bugs were until I went to theirs can eat you alive I swear.

But on to the moth incident. I had my balcony door cracked tonight and thought the screen was closed to keep them nasty little things out. Well, it wasn't, and it didn't. Now, realize that no matter how much I hate bugs, there's nothing worse than killing one. It gives me goose bumps and then i feel guilty and then i usually have a dream that night of the darn thing coming back to life and haunting me some more.

Anyhow...this HUGE and i do mean HUGE moth - probably four inches - with huge wings flew in and terrorized me for a good fifteen minutes in his schizophrenic meanderings around my head and kitchen. Disgusting crunchy wings giving me the chills. Well, I don't want to kill him cause well he's big and I don't like to kill God's creations as i said, but he was going crazy. So he gets in the sink and sits there for a minute but everytime i go near him he starts fluttering his dang wings. So, I go to the bathroom, grab the Muslim shower bucket and flood him. He flaps around and i start yelling like a girl...well i am a girl, but you know what i'm saying...that shreiking cheerleader sort of screaming. And then it stops and I think he's dead so i go to pick him up with a paper towel and he comes back to life. I flood him again and he falls into the garbage disposal and i really don't want to grind him up so i just flood him so more. All is quiet so i take another paper towel and get him out of there and into the trash. Well I get online and I hear weird noises coming from the trash and go over there. The damn thing was alive in there trying to get out. Took the trash outside and left and let the damn thing escape. Yuck. Now that was a terrorist if i ever saw one.

Why am I such a baby when it comes to bugs. I mean I grew up in the hood, can play with snakes, even ate a worm as a kid to prove to the boys that i was tough, know how to shoot a gun, etc. I'm not a wimp so why the hell can a moth freak me out enough for me to go running outside of my own apartment while he occupies it?
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