Sister Soljah
March 11, 2004
K2 and TV Nation

Good movie about K2 in Pakistan...made me want to go. Man, to live that life it must be agony and ecstasy at the same time. Beautiful mountain peaks, but to risk your life for a view. Don't get me wrong, I hike a lot, but man, these guys were hardcore. Pure agony and ecstasy I say.

Watched another episode of TV Nation by Michael Moore and this one cracked me up. He went to a KKK rally outside of Atlanta, GA - can't believe this stuff still goes on...such stupidity. Did they ever crack open a Bible? I mean they have their own churches and stuff but I have to wonder what book they are following. Being pretty educated with the Bible I can't even fathom how they can practice Christianity. Michael Moore was funny though... He went to the rally and got a Mariachi band to go with him, some black girls doing cheerleader chants "We just want to love you more...", and some others. Pretty funny in a messed up way. He had the slogan of "There's nothing hate groups hate more than love" and "love those who hate." To think people dress their kids up in those clothes and teach them the doctrine of hate. So sad. But I also bet those kids will be the first to marry outside their race. Cops were at the rally not for protection, although there were some for that too, but they were speaking about the supreme race (whatever...there is no supreme race). Hilarious episode though. He just cracks me up.

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