Sister Soljah
March 27, 2004
I'm having blog block. Can't think of anything to write...hmmm... Going up to the mountains today to see Allah's artwork and hope to find some inspiration. Have a special person in town for the that's going to be great. Watched an airhead movie last night...cracked me up though. Here's a dirty little secret of mine... I'm a junkie for romantic comedy's. I'm an incurable romantic and it's my demise and my passion. It's the reason I never married... I need romance...not in dollars but in sentiment. Flowers on occassion...words of love... My stepmother used to tell me, "Don't ever marry a poor man if you can marry a rich man." I always replied with "Poor men are romantic...I'll stick to them." Picked flowers are better than bought. Poetry is better than an already printed card. Long walks in the woods are better than a jetsetting trip. Intentions are what's important.

Here's a strange thing too. I've always wanted to be a shephardess. When I was in France I saw these sheepherders and longed to be one of them. I imagined myself living humbly in a shack with a mat as a bed and a pile of books to the side with a flickering candle writing away the evenings...and during the day shepharding sheep and thinking. I even tried to get a job over there when I got back, but they don't hire Americans. But how nice it would be to be separated from the world and live so humbly? I am an activist, a linguist, etc....but sometimes I think it would be better to be away from technology and live life simply. It would make me focus.

Oh, I had a very surreal dream the other night. The Taliban were voted in as the president. It was very strange and shocking. And didn't make one bit of sense - first of all...only one person can be president, but dreams don't often make sense. For days, I've tried to find the symbolism...and I came up with this: it symbolizes my lack of trust in the voting system and the lack of public knowledge. That those voted in aren't because of knowledge and study... it's lack of the two. Here's a story...and a true one. One year, a guy in prison ran for mayor or governor or something semi high up like that just to see what would happen...I guess he was bored there in his cell....he received 37% of the votes. That is scary.
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