Sister Soljah
March 05, 2004

Stayed up entirely too late reading...just as I thought. Woke up and ran some errands. Went to the halaal store, the organic store, and the regular store. Ugh. Annoying. But what is funny is this. Both the organic store and regular grocery store are out here in white bread suburbia...but in the regular store, people stare at me in the scarf or what i really like is when they look at you and you bust them and they turn their frown into a smile with all teeth. It's very forced and funny. Kinda looks like they are constipated - but then, maybe they are (minds can be constipated can't they?). I know it's funny for some people...especially because I couldn't pass as someone from the Middle East to save my life...very fair skin and blue eyes. I know it must appear weird at times. But the organic store is a whole nother thing...openmindedness lurks all about. Am I crazy or stereotyping people? But why are organic food shoppers more consciously aware than the average citizen? One hippy granola lovely lady said "nice scarf." Another - a young jocky guy - didn't blink twice, didn't look away, just treated me normal...and said "wazzzzup." Made me laugh.

Not much going on besides that. BTW, never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. I now have six kinds of cheeses in my fridge. Who eats that much cheese? I guess me for the next week. Now who's gonna be constipated? a physical greeting card in the mail today (so sweet). You know in this day and age, how often do we actually write each other like that. Means so much more doesn't it? Yes. Thanks - you know who you are.

Gotta go make signs for the peace rally tomorrow. It's sponsored by the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace. We are frustrated because Muslims never show up at the rally' this year, it's been all about peer pressure... we'll see how it goes. Inshallah, this year there will definately be two...maybe even three. Here's a link for the group...

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