Sister Soljah
March 02, 2004

Got a middle of the night phone call about the bombings and shootouts that happened overnight. This is sick. 29 killed in Pakistan and 150 wounded and then a couple hundred more killed between Baghdad and Karbala during religious processions. I just have to say what the hell?!? It's times like this I can see why Muslims have such a bad reputation. If we can't control the fighting between ourselves and killing each other, how is the rest of the world supposed to stop attacking us? And what do these people want: paradise. Not going to happen. Killing is not an act condoned by Allah. I just want to say "Get it together!" How are we Muslims supposed to breakdown the stereotypes the media has inflicted on us when they hear that even we kill each other. It's no wonder so many say annialate the Middle East. This is sick. Sick sick sick. Sunni's and Shiites NEED to create peace amongst themselves. Education would be a start. How can the American people become educated and have a positive image of Islam if we as a group can't even do it? I don't know how many times I've been condemned by Sunni's saying that I'm on the wrong path. They say "you guys worship and idolize Ali." Not true. And it's hard to hear, especially since I'm a recent revert. And why such hatred towards Shiites? I've never heard a Shia condemn Sunni's...I've never heard a Shia say Sunni's are worthy of death. Why such tribalism still? Get over it people - remember what the Quran says..."you be to your religion, and i be to mine" and think about what it says about telling a Muslim when they are doing wrong...not kill them when YOU THINK they are doing something wrong. With such misconceptions and Wahabistic facism, how can we ever unite as a people and get some respect from the rest of the world. Today is a sad sad day indeed. Not only because of Ashura, but because lives were martyred (the innocently killed - not the attackers) today via hate. How can so many people be ready to face the flame thinking they will go to Paradise? Allah is most compassionate and merciful, but killing fellow Muslims and brethren (this is all people...are we not first and foremost members of the human race and who has the right to take lives? In my opinion...only Allah) can never be respected. I will pray and pray today that we can unite not only as Muslims, but as humans. I, no doubt, will shed tears today...not only for those we lost, but for mankind in general and the state of this sad world. Facism needs to go. Egos need to go. Hatred needs to go. These are not the attributes Allah wants us to have...
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