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March 11, 2004
Happy Accidents - Michael Moore - and hmmm....blah blah blah

Watched this movie (Happy Accidents) and it was actually quite good especially since I thought it was going to be bad. Real cute in fact. Not a word I usually like to ascribe to a movie, but it works. It was about a girl who finally meets a normal guy only to find out he's from the future...and his discussions of the future are interesting. I loved it. Just what I needed to get my brain off the intellectual/spiritual journey for an hour and a half.

Also watched quite a few episodes of TV Nation by Michael Moore. Great stuff. He's pretty crazy but right on most of the time as far as propaganda goes. I am also reading his book (er, rather listening to his book being read to me -multitasking) Dude, Where's my Country? Pretty funny in that satirical sardonic way.

I started watching "The Hidden Half" a couple weeks ago and it's been on my mind - identified with it so much. I've got to finish this movie (this weekend?). Need to go Geocaching too.

Finally got caught up on all my extracurricular activities that I promised everyone so now I can get back to my own thinking, reading, and writing instead of theirs. My job has got to go too. There will be a HUGE blog about that next week.

The book review gig is picking up and I really need to start networking that to other places. Oh dang, that reminds me, I printed up some other newspaper contacts at work and left it on the printer and won't be back till Tuesday...oops. Dang dang dang. Busted.

That's about it from over here. Oh, and i got the best compliment on my writing ever yesterday... felt so good...
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