Sister Soljah
March 23, 2004
Had a great day yesterday...met a wonderful sister from a town an hour or so from here and we hung out all day - it's been a long time since i could just talk with someone instead of debating or competing...very nice day. She is blessed by the light of Allah. Beautiful, smart, and great to be around. I now have jilbobs, and traditional cool! I look forward to my closet in the morning now. Thanks girl! We hung out and talked, then went for a nice stroll through a wilderness park and had dinner. Prayed for the first time in public outside of a Chili's restaurant. :-) And the cool thing is it didn't bother me that I knew some were looking on and passing by. No shame.

Afterwards I dropped by my sisters house and well that was the typical "why are you Muslim?" and "why do you wear that thing....just take it off" conversations. And how her friend next door has war footage of the Iraqi war and how it shows people being blown up. We do come from different stock that's for sure.

Today I ran errands...used up my credit at a used book store i go to. Got some good stuff. Watched a few movies over the last week in about 20 minute intervals a sitting...Before the Rain (Albanian) and A River Runs Through It. Both poignant flicks. Got the pictures from the rally - now just need to figure out how to get a link going for them. Goal 5 of the day after building a new resume. First I must take care of Uncle Sam (taxes), and trivial stuff like that.

This did cross my mind today...what more could someone want in a partner than someone who has undying love for me, a passion to help my dreams come true, and complete acceptance and support? Why is marriage so scary to me? Is it because I come from a broken home? Is it the fear of losing my spark? I am just a chicken. Been solo for so long and love my independence so much that interference in that scares me. But what I never stopped to think about is that two can be stronger than one. And what is better than having someone who loves you the whole day through and then some? A friend as well as a husband. I need to quit being a chicken and start being a hen.
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