Sister Soljah
March 20, 2004
Global Rally Against War and Occupied Lands...

Well well well what a day. Exhausted to say the least. At least I didn't get arrested which almost happened. Went to the protest rally first thing this morning and wow what a turnout. Wore my Palestinian scarf and t-shirt that says Palestine in Arabic... Starbucks was a funny experience wearing that. So many people showed up for this march. The protest rally's without permits are so much better since streets don't get closed off. Whenever there is a permit they shut the streets down and no one ever sees the protestors. Well not this one. We were seen. We marched up the 16th street mall (an outdoor mall downtown) then to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Halliburton Building ending at the Federal Building which ironically I hadn't been at since being questioned by the FBI for being a possible terrorist. A windy snake all through downtown and it was LOUD. Loud slogans spewing, drums, Buddhists chanting - the crowd was enraged and energetic. Got some people from downtown to join in too as they cheered us on. Cops became prominent later (and even more so after that). There were speeches and whatnot at the end. One girl, a true poetess of the spoken word type of poetry (a cross between rap and poetry) really got the crowd pumped. She was "da bomb".

I ended up getting in a fight (verbal of course) with a protest protestor. She was saying we were making a mockery of our president and when I exchanged words with her she said "what are you a Muuuslim?" I said yeah. She said "you can't be wearing blue jeans or even pants at all - you are not a real Muslim." Oh dear God. Then why was I sweating under the long sleeve shirt and other general cover upings? I told her that being Muslim wasn't about pants or no pants. She said "Yeah it's about worshipping the Quran." I said "no, it's about worshipping God." And then she kept bringing up abortion and why don't we protest that when 30,000 Americans are killed every day with that kind of murder. I said that was an individual issue...this is a personal issue this is societal. I can't speak for all people... but I can speak against my government. Well after spit flew between us she got drug away by a cop and they asked her to leave us alone - woo hoo. Then a university paper got pictures of it and heard it all and asked me if she had a right to speak there and I said no - that she should go join the majority. Oh God I can't believe I said that. I didn't mean it like that but that's how it's going to come out in print. Open mouth, insert foot. They shouldn't have asked me questions until I had relaxed a bit and regained composure. Oops...

Then the drama really began. A small group broke off and continued marching. All were wearing masks over their faces and Palestinian signs and scarves. They asked me to join them and I said I'd catch up to them - I wanted to listen to what the rest of the people and the sheik had to say. Well by the time we (Sister Scorpion and I) caught up to them - quite a few had been detained against a wall. 9 of them detained and 11 cops. Eventually they let them go except one. Guess who they arrested? Yeah, the one Muslim girl there. She did nothing. All she did was say "I don't have to tell you my name - what I am doing is legal." They arrested her for that. False information was the charge. Well there were four male cops all over her and I started hollering at them to get a female cop and quit touching her. I took pictures of her getting arrested for press and lawsuit reasons. They threatened to arrest me since I pushed past them to get the pictures since the cops stepped wherever I did to block the picture taking. I backed off after I got the pictures I wanted. Everyone was screaming at them. Even passerby's got riled saying that she didn't do anything and why choose her to arrest. A Jewish guy said " what Muslims now and then Jews next?" Cool dude - he was mad too at the cops not getting a female cop...he's an Orthodox Jew..and they don't agree with the touching between unfamiliar men and women either. The cops didn't care. They also said there's a law about walking around with faces covered. (The guys had their faces covered with scarves). They said that this is a sign of bandits and is not allowed. Funny that people in winter don't get arrested when they use scarves to cover their faces. And what about Michael Jackson? Anyhow, it's not allowed - it's a sign of Anarchy.

Then when they put her in the cop car I asked them again to get a female cop. They said none were available and then he pushed me in my chest and said if I didn't get back he would take me in too. I asked him not to touch me. He knew that I was mad at them touching her and then he pushes me in my chest - he knew what he was doing and i know he was trying to rile me. It worked but I didn't feel like jail tonight so I just left it alone.

I then went home to pray and afterwards headed down to the city jail to see what we could do. A group of us was meeting up with cash to bail her out and support (I don't even know the sister but dang they did wrong). They said the charges were changed to Resisting Arrest and bail was increased. Then they changed it again to Contraband and Possessing an Illegal Substance (bail raised again). She has to stay in all night. After staying down there until 7:00 I headed home. I'll go back in the morning to take the sister to breakfast and welcome her out of there with the others. front of the jail there is a sign that says "blessed be the peacekeepers" - I wouldn't say we were blessed today. A peace rally gone bad. The really messed up thing was that the police reported to the newspaper and news that no arrests were made today. We cleared that up with the press. We got the names of the arrested, badge numbers of the arrestors, etc. Oh and get this - the cop who actually arrested her was Muslim...Shabbaz...Nation of Islam. When I kept asking why they are arresting the Muslim of the group they just said "this cop is Muslim". It was their slogan as if to say this isn't a Muslim thing... Yet she was the only one in that group to actually get arrested and bystanders (tourists and what not also said the same thing.)

Pictures will be posted soon (once i figure out how to do it and get them developed and scanned). Look at sister scorpions blog (link on the left to see her pics and also her blog...) Here's one compliments of Sister Scorpion...that be me on the the start of the march...before things got craaazy...


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