Sister Soljah
February 26, 2004
New at this...but have heard a lot about blogging and figure I need an outlet for all my thoughts. As a new convert to Islam, I'm going through so many changes and don't seem to have an outlet for my thoughts, frustrations, feelings, and experiences. In sh'Allah I will record much that I've been going through and turn it into a book later for converts. I think a book about converting would have been helpful for me and I hope I can help others in the future.
salam. i found your blog just now, when i were searching for interesting pic from the web using google. i really want to know you better, cos i am so impress how u can find your way back to the main road, as to say that you finally find islam in yourself, which is actually soooo difficult to be found. i am fiza a muslim girl from asia, currently wrapping up my final year at one of the local uni in england. this is my to hear from u soon!
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A recent convert to Islam...finally found what I was searching for. I am a writer and love to read and learn. I also love travelling and getting to know new cultures and ways of thinking.

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