Sister Soljah
February 27, 2004
The Mirror....

Watched "The Mirror" Iranian movie...this morning and it was a very interesting film. I could talk a lot about it but rather will talk of a few things that made me think.

There was a discussion in the movie where a guy was saying a woman's job is the home, the man's outside the home and that he shouldn't do a single thing at home ever...that this would make him a slave. Interesting thought. Not. Growing up in a place where women were expected to go to the workplace, and then go home to the home and continue working, I have an issue with this. Men (not all, but many) think that staying at home and raising kids is not work at all and that's what the guy in the movie seemed to be saying too. I have to disagree. What other job is there that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? You can't call in sick, can't clock out, and don't get paid for overtime. And what harder job is there than to try and raise a good family....that's a heavier responsibility than any man made job. To keep a family intact, happy, and good. I don't know... I can't really talk now since I don't have a family and am working for the man...but that's how I see it. I just didn't like what he said about the man would be a slave if he worked for the home too. His job is purely monetary. Like a man who helps with the dishes is weak or something. That statement just bothered me. Mind you...this is coming from a woman who does want to work in the home.... I just think it deserves a lot....of respect.

Another thing was the women and the men have different sections on the bus...reminded me of Rosie Parks. I didn't know that until I watched the movie. But the weird thing, since converting to Islam, I've become more womanly if that makes sense. At first I thought the segregation would be so constrictive to me, but what I found was that women and men are very different species. Completely. I didn't realize it so much until I spent time in a room full of just women and then it dawns on you that we really are like night and day. Since converting I feel the sisterhood of women. It's interesting. Women who aren't competing for a man's attention can be free together and talk about anything. It's like a private little world that I find very enjoyable....
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